Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall's Treasures...

     I don't know why I love Fall.   Yet when I take a walk this time of year it captures my attention.    From the crunching leaves I walk upon my hearing becomes attuned to the different sounds it can make.  I can hear other people walking from afar with the scrunch, scrunch sounds under their own feet.  My eyes see the fluttering leaves that fall from the oak trees I pass or those down the trail I am on.   They fall onto my hair or shoulders to come home to my house where my love pulls them off of me knowing that I have been out on a walk.   The leaves rustle upon the ground when the wind blows sending them skittering on down to a new place to lay until the next breeze moves them on an on.   The color of fall can be so dull and sad with the lifeless faded grey brown of the oaks, yet the next tree could be a flaming red Japanese Maple.   I pause to watch this free show of nature.   Bushy tailed squirrels are busy gathering nuts, jumping like daring acrobats from ground to a fence to a tree.  A flowing motion of their bodies that stop to look at me looking at them, twitching there tail to and fro and then they are off.   I look down and there I see what they are after.   Large acorns all over the ground in a bed of oak leaves.   I remember my daughters collecting them and bringing them home.   I tell myself to bring a bag next time and do the same thing.  Maybe use them to decorate my Thanksgiving table or nestle a candle amongst them in a vase or bowl.   Smooth and oblong, they feel good in one's hands.   Little acorn hats are harder to see but I find them there too.  They remind me of a hat a little fairy might use.   

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