Sunday, February 21, 2010

I received not one but two! Merci Beaucoup!!

     Here I was having an off week and I was so very behind on reading all the blogs I so very much enjoy and I opened  Sara In Le Petit Village to find she had given me not one award but two!   I actually had to read her post twice because I saw my blogs title and Ka-boom it hit me..

    Merci Beaucoup to you Sara for finding my little blog and taking the time to read what I started writing. It was just a place to share my thoughts,  stories from childhood, photos and now I find myself wanting to be able to spend more time dabbling in though I can't always so I keep a little book I jot notes onto when some story or heartstring gets pulled and pops into my head.  

     I have family and friends from my facebook page who read my blog but when I saw new faces I was a huge thank you to my new cyber friends on Blogspot who I more than love reading.  I really can't express the uniqueness each of them are, you have to discover them yourselves and read them.  Somedays they make me laugh out loud and sometimes tears come to my eyes because of how they have touched me.  So here some of my top blogs I really Love to read and who deserve these two awards as well: 

Parallel Light........Shannon is my dear niece who inspired me to blog.  She writes from her heart, her family being a muse for her whether in words or photos she posts...take a peek.  She is a wonderful poet as well and I hope to see some of those soon....

Sara In Le Petit Village.....I know you already received these two but you were one of the first blogs I started to follow and I have to note you!  I felt like I was able to get a peek into your little village so far from me in California.  I especially enjoy her Translations that follow after her posts...those words echoing her story in just the right way.   I love reading about the family of her boyfriend, the boyfriend, the village, the food...and how she is adapting to a place so far from her home in the states.

Sugo and Sunshine.....The third blog I started following.  She got me when I read the story "The litterbox mystery...a portrait of our neighborhood".   I was laughing and sharing this with friends because it was just so funny!  From there on I have been a loyal follower.  Another lady living outside the states in Tuscany, Italy with her family.  Just imagining this Southern lady in Italy with her southern accent adapting to a new world and language ....I just love to read her blog.  

AstonishMe....When I started reading Glimmer's blog I was entranced by her writing of childhood in the deep South.  Her stories hit me hard because I could envision what she wrote and I can't wait to keep reading more of her life.  Her blog really grabs me because they remind me so of what I know of the south from my mother and father's life there.  Let's face it the south is intriguing and Glimmer weaves a story web you can't put down.   

the b in subtle....newer one I have fallen for...a single mother who writes so dearly of her life and her son.   She questions my thoughts in ways I find that move me.  Her life in her 160 year old home, that sadly she will be moving from...and she has another blog site as well.....Behind the Milk Truck...which I follow as well...

salsa pie....Caroline creates a blog that is inspiring visually with her delightful projects she many with her children ...the tea party I so wanted to be at when I saw the photos!   Take time to see her cheerful life of home and family.

Bloom.....I found Bethany while reading Ms. Moon and AstonishMe clicking on her blog.  Well she is an animal lover and that caught my eye of her bunnies and puppies and then her writing with heartfelt  thoughts.  I am enjoying this new one that I am following...

Bless Our Hearts.....Ms. Moon just has a way with stories that I am glued to day after day...sometimes multiple times a day.  This woman has such ambition with her writing!  I drool for her writing about her grandson Owen...I can't help it!  He is just sooo cute!  Her writing of where she is in Florida resonates that southern pull in me.   I laugh, I tear up, I smile and shall keep on reading Ms. Moon till the cows come home.

Flux!  Wow!   Maggie can write such raw emotion...visceral at times that stand up and demand your heart and soul.  Her writing and poetry move me in such deep ways.  I feel opened up because of her blog and it has made me understand I can write subjects that I might not have because of fear.  Maggie has no her blog now!

Nevering......a poetry blog which I have discovered of recently.  Poetry that tells a story..visually imprinted ...take time to absorb her words...

Milkmoon....Ciara is all the way in Wicklow, Ireland...and I fell in love with Ireland when we went there in 2001.  Discovering Ciara's blog with her stunning photographs and words she writes gives me just a taste of that lovely spot in the world.  I feel calmer after reading her words...

Running Mommy....Kera lives all the way in Abu Dhabi, UAE...gosh that is soooo far away!  I find her blog to be real...her daily life with her two children and husband in this faraway place...her photographs a visual treat.  

   Oh my I am discovering so many new blogs that I am afraid I will never have time enough to catch up on these prolific writers!

     So now I am to write 10 things about myself....that you don't know...this might be hard...really!

1.  I got to meet Prince Charles back in 1978 while I was working at the Charter Bank of London in San Francisco.  Pre-Diana days while I still liked him.   He was shorter than I thought he would be....

2.  My crazy parents allowed my step sister and I to take a road trip from the Bay Area of California up to Victoria  Canada by ourselves.  I was just 16....we had a blast!  The following year they allowed my Love and I to do a road trip for four weeks in the Western States and to Canada.

3.  If I could I would have at least 5 dogs...I really love poochies....

4.  If I could I would have had one more baby after Ryan was born...I regret he is like an only child since his sisters are 10+ years older than he.

5.  My favorite place (to date) on earth is Florence, Italy.  I fell in love with it on our Honeymoon.

6.  The most visually dramatic spot that I have been was hiking in Zermatt, Switzerland.  I would love to go back and see it the way I remembered it.

7.  I really enjoyed playing with Matchbox cars with Ryan when he was little....

8.  I would rather muck a horse stall than clean my own bathrooms.  I just love the smell of a barn.  (This isn't to say my bathrooms stink or are dirty...I just prefer it thank you very much!)

9.  I have the cremated remains of our dear Golden Retriever Dixie in my bedroom closet...I can't bury her....our other dear, dear pets are buried on what we fondly call Boothill on our property.  Dixie died while we were in Europe and it broke my heart we weren't with her when she fell ill.

10.  I always thought I would be a around in an old VW Bus (we did eventually buy one that I struggled to drive with the clutch and stick) wearing long skirts, beads, gauzy blouses going to who knows where saying Peace and Love to all I would meet.  And have a Saint Bernard as a pet.  What was I thinking?


    Disclosure:   Not me!   Can you just imagine if that had been though?  And my Love?   Ooops!  Where is my gauzy blouse?  

     So maybe my Love and I still can?   hahahaha!   My kids would think we had gone plumb crazy!

                              Zermatt ......1977


Sara Louise said...

Thank you for the lovely words Ellen. Your comments on my blog are always so warm and make me feel a little closer to home = )

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Ellen, Thank you for the wonderful award! And, I must say, so well deserved on your part. A few comments about your list: I adored Florence Italy as well. It's an amazing city with such a beautiful spirit. Also, I could not laughing at the hippie pictures. Meeting Prince Charles--that must have been pretty amazing!

Enjoyed this post, and thanks again for the award!

Ms. Moon said...

Thank-you, Ellen, so much for those words. You have a beautiful site. And no- it is not too late to be a hippie. They are born every day.


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