Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hugging....this is what we all should do

A dear friend sent this to me and boy was I happy to have opened this today.  Because my Love had just come from visiting my mom and he was telling me of their strange visit.  I was feeling unloved by her and though I know it is not the mom I had it is the awful lies she was saying about me that hurt and will always hurt.  I opened this and the tears just welled in me till they began to roll down my cheeks.  Hugs...we all need hugs.  And mom....I am sending you a hug from me.  Whether you want or not it is coming via this blog.  You don't have a what.  I am sending a hug.

For my dear friends and most dear family...a hug to you too.  Maybe this is a "pay it forward" gesture to do....just like these special people did.  What do you suppose would happen if you did this in your hometown?  


Elizabeth said...

You need to find a city near you where Amma, the hugging guru, comes to visit. You need one of her hugs.

I'm sorry to hear of your mother saying mean things about you. You must feel so helpless --

Hugs right back at you.

Ms. Moon said...

I think sometimes it is easier to hug strangers than people we are supposed to love. Sometimes. You know what I mean. I love this video. I would hug it. I'd rather hug you, though.

Ellen said...

I hug you both Elizabeth and Ms. Moon! I just wanted to be a part of that video getting all those hugs...and Amma has come to our area. I have thought about seeing her though the waiting for the hug seems to take forever. Still I hear she is amazing.


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