Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Defining A Movement

This was posted on my facebook home page and it spoke to me of the mothering of my children.  I love the quiver in the voice of the woman speaking in this because that is how I would be.  Trying hard to say from the heart the love I feel overflowing towards my children.  This has given me a bit of inspiration as well....


Ms. Moon said...

Oh yes, yes, yes. Every bit of it- yes.

Elizabeth said...

This is Meredith Winn! She is an incredible photographer and writer -- her blog is wonderful, too. Do you know her?

Ellen said...

No Elizabeth, I don't know her...but I will check out her blog. I love reading and seeing the power of love we women have for children. I am blessed to have been the mother to 4 incredible ones!


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