Sunday, January 23, 2011

A walk on a day in January

Went for a gentle hike today.  First hike since my broken wrist in August.  I asked my Love to please let us go on something I won't fall down on.  Feeling wimpy yet knowing I need to do this. 

What a lovely sky of blue with long sweeping clouds.  The header is another photo from today.  My Love and Annie way ahead of little Stewie and I....sorry no photo of Stewie.  Long shadows from the bare Oak trees on the East facing hills.  Quiet and alone except for a family out with their Golden.  I think I will go here with the poochies on my own during the week while the weather is clear. 


Elizabeth said...

It looks very beautiful and so peaceful, too.

Ms. Moon said...

Such a good thing to do for every part of you.

Ellen said...

Elizabeth...I especially like not having mountain bikes storming by. I like the peace where I can listen to the birds and even see a ground squirrel scampering about.

Mary...It did feel good, made me realize how much more pleasant life can be with fresh air in your lungs.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love seeing you walking with your doggies....looks so beautiful....

kary and teddy

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Gorgeous. And I noticed the beautiful header as soon as I stopped over. My uncle lives in Monterey of these days I am going to visit him so I can see the beauty of the west coast again. I'm living vicariously through you in this post.


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