Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We had soft tacos the other night.  I am fifty-fifty on buying tortillas or making my own.  It depends on if it is a quick put together dinner or one I have a bit more time on my hands.  It is only when making them that I realize I should always make them!  They are not hard to do at all, you don't need a tortilla press which I don't own.

Here is my recipe that I use from the cookbook Savoring the Southwest, Symphony Guild Cookbook, Roswell New Mexico.  Yes, that is my birth town and my mom bought this cookbook for me a while back.

Flour Tortillas

4 C. flour
1  1/2 tsp. salt
1  1/2 tsp. baking powder
4 T. shortening
1 1/2 C. warm water

In a mixing bowl combine dry ingredients.  Cut in the shortening till very blended.  Add warm water a small amount at a time, to form a dough.  On a lightly floured pastry cloth gently knead the dough.  Don't over knead or the tortillas will get tough, just till smooth and elastic.

Cover and let stand 10 to 15 minutes.

Divide dough into 12 egg-sized balls.  I put them back in the bowl while I prepare them for cooking.   On the lightly floured pastry cloth, roll out each ball with a rolling pin covered with a pastry sock and lightly floured, to 6 -7 inches or about 1/8 inch thick.  You don't need to make them perfectly round, these are homemade!

Cook on a hot ungreased griddle or skillet about 2 minutes on each side.  I usually know to turn them as they begin to get air bubbles forming and that is when I turn them.  There should be a just a big of browning on those bubble spots.  While one tortilla is cooking I roll out another one and keep this rhythm of roll, cook, flip, roll, cook, flip going.  I use a tortilla warmer to keep them warm until served.

These tortillas will not spring a hole, tear or fall apart like ones you buy in the grocery store.  They are delicious!  Quite agreed by my son at the table that I should not ever buy tortillas again, at which, my Love agreed.

Another recipe I use is for Taco seasoning.  I don't buy those little mixes as I worry about the additives they put in it, not to mention once again, it is so easy to make your own.

Taco Seasoning

Mix together in a small bowl:

1 T. chili powder
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/4 tsp. onion powder
1/4 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp. paprica
1  1/2 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. pepper

This can be doubled or tripled for future use and stored in small container.  After my beef or chicken is cooked I just add it and stir.  How much you add is up to your personal taste but I am generous when I use it.

Now get ready for Cinco de Mayo which is coming up next week by making your own tacos and seasoning!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do I know myself?

Ever have thoughts of who you really are?  Do you really have a clear and honest vision of who you are?  

I go through doubts of who I think I am.  I mean I think I know who I am but sometimes situations arise and I begin to wonder if I am being misguided by my own thoughts!  Have I deluded myself into thinking I am a good wife?  Do I feel like I try hard to be Mrs. Cleaver?

Do I try to look nice, cook and clean with joie de vivre?  I have been married for almost 34 years this summer and I like to think that at least 75% of the time I do.  I haven't gone out in sweatpants to the grocery store yet and those lousy dinners that happen....well we just try not to repeat that recipe.  Cleaning?  Yes, I do change the sheets and towels every week but that is more for me because my Love doesn't seem to really mind if I just happen to not do it on day seven.  I make the bed every day but once again I appreciate it more than he does. recent years he has made the bed when I have had to be gone and he does a rather fine job if I do say so.  

I love the man.  I know I may not long cling to him every second (oh I did in those heated days!) he is in my sight and there have been days (oh yes!) when I realize we have not hugged!  Me saying not hug?  Oh, the lady who closes notes and offers hugs freely not hugging her man?  Of course we could throw it back to him and mention "Did you remember to hug your wife today?".   Heavens, have we been married so long that we need to remember to hug?  Have our days become so routine?

 Then my thoughts of my mothering.  Have I been a good mother?  Did I expect too much?  Not enough?  Did I teach them what they need to know about being on their own.  Well, I don't think I would be good at teaching them to be on their own seeing as how I was only on my own before marriage for about a year and I was living in sin a good hunk of that year.  

Did I love unconditionally always?  I was not a perfect mom but I tried.  I had no one to guide me those long days with first one child and then their were three in a blink of five years.  I read that stupid Dr. Spock like he was the official Mom authority.  He was a man!  Why would I think he knew diddly squat?  Those early years there was no "mother's groups".  I was on my own.  My mom was not the one to use or set an example of so I would not ask her for advice.  My mother by marriage was often babysitting her other grandchildren so I didn't ask her for help.  What I did learn was that I was learning to be a mom.  I had it within me, I just needed to believe in me.  That saying "Parenting is not for the faint of heart" is very true.  By the time I was pregnant with my second child I realized that I didn't need to follow stupid Dr. Spock.  I found other resources of natural parenting, having a midwife versus the traditional  male OBGYNI wasn't fully trusting my heart to have the birth at home but I was not going to have this child the way her sister came into the world.  

Pregnancy, childbirth pass quickly.  Rearing children is a lifetime.  Being prepared to do this and at the same time be a wife and friend is like being the head of the world!  So much to do constantly.  I did carve out time when my youngest daughter was three and my Love and I bought a horse for me to take care of.   I was out of the house and into the barn. Cleaning, bathing, tending (just like at home) but it was bliss.  The horse did not cry.  The horse may throw me to the ground and step on my foot but the horse did not cry or bargain.  The horse did create challenges but the horse was calming for me.

Having R. so many years later brought me to a place that was 100% + my heart's desire.  To have him was more bliss than I ever could have dreamed.  My Love and I, patiently waiting to find out that I was pregnant after several years, to waiting patiently for his birth, to the impatient time while giving birth and our wanting to hold our son in our arms.  I new me then.  I new that I was a good mother.  

I would watch him sleep, watch the flutter of his eyes and long eyelashes, his small puckering lips that suckled in his Land of Nod.  Breastfeeding him and not wanting it to end, only for the pleasure of holding him so close in my arms.  Staying awake in the night to rise and feed him, to change his wet diapers, kept me from thinking that I should long to crawl under the covers back in bed.    To see each phase of his growth first was joy at his accomplishment and then sorrow over knowing he was our last baby.   

But who am I?  Outside of being a mom and wife..... who am I?  My soul purpose in life is not to just please others.  I should be happy because within me I am a happy person.  That my being a happy person allows me to spread my happy feelings to others.  So if I am not fully happy, or no how to be fully happy, to let go strife or worry, how does this resolve in me?  Such confusion in my head!

My dear children...I want to see fully happy and fulfilled in their lives.  The mother in me longs to fix any negatives in their lives.  I want them to be happy and if I sense that they may not be I go into full mommy mode.  My needs are not as important as my love ones!  Is this just me?  Do all mothers feel this?  

Then my Love....I want him happy.  I want him to do and go places he dreams of.  I want us to live our lives to the fullest for as long as we are able to walk out our door on two feet and if not on two feet then we will do it with whatever transportation we can.  In seeing loved ones in recent years lose that ability it has made me desire it all the more!  Why is it that when we are at our healthiest, most vibrant part of ours lives we can't afford or can't take the time to do just that?  I think I want too much.  We can make choices of what we want and my Love and I chose family and home versus only travel.  Still, even if we had chosen travel we still would have had to work to afford the travel.  It really does work out when I look at it more closely.  I would never, ever, have chosen travel over mothering.  To me that was the single most amazing journey in my life!  To have been blessed with the four most beautiful children that have given me every range of emotion, who I have watched and listened to, who have continued to teach me every day that I I could never say no to that precious part of being a woman.  I was born to mother.  

I guess I am still learning who I am.  The letting go of who I was since I know longer am needed to rock and hold a baby.  I have a teen to mother still and will ride this phase of his life with all the waves it can throw at us.  I am a wife to a man who as been with me for 40 years.  He knew me as a teen.  He saw in me the woman, the wife and possible mother to our kids before I had thought about such thoughts.  I only saw him and how deeply I loved him.  How I felt safe and important with him.  He allowed me to grow up and stuck with me.  I don't know how he has put up with me sometimes.  I certainly have had baggage trailing behind me for years.  One by one the bags are falling away.  Maybe when those bags are fully gone I will know who I am!  I must be getting close to them being gone....perhaps down to the carry on and makeup bag....I hope so....


Monday, April 18, 2011

Update previous post

Looks like the previous idea of Rome with the three daughters is not going to work out.

However E. and I are still going to go somewhere, sometime in the early summer, and at least we will have some time to plan the trip with a bit more leeway.  I guess I am relieved to have the extra time.  

Sometimes plans that you think might be right, in the end, given more thought, give you the chance to make better plans!

With that we will see what happens next.   

Can this be done? Really?

Middle daughter and I are planning a trip.  Youngest daughter will be in Rome in May and the thought came up to join her on the last part of her trip while she is there.  This is in one month!

Can I, can we, pull this off?  

I have never been to Rome and have know idea where to stay because that is the first thing I think of.  Where will I lay my head at the end of a day of touring?  What to do is nothing to me.  We can figure that out.  While I would like a bit of time to make plans as I do love to research, well,  frankly, this would be a very special trip and perhaps a bit of spontaneity would be good for me.  Two daughters and a mom together in Rome.  Oh, dear first born daughter...want to make it a real bonding experience and join us?  

Flights....well either we can get one or we can't at this date.  I believe it is considered off season so perhaps along with a pensione the flights will be easy.  

I had thought we would do something maybe in June before school lets out and the crowds arrive.  We hadn't even decided on a destination officially.  We had just talked about it and even that was just a foot in the door plan.  

So much has been swirling in the brain while life still is moving on day to day.  That is what it does.  No down time around here.  Jump from one thing to another.  Emotions up and emotions down.  

R. will be bugged he won't be a part of this.  My Love is right on board with my going with my daughter(s).   I have always wanted to take a trip with my girls.  I have missed having them around me and what a very special gift to have 24 hour time together!  

E. and I need to think about where to go after Rome for the first week.  I am encouraging her to give some ideas....

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Arleen and I ~ 2010

We were 46 years apart in age but she was my "kindred spirit".   She was my mentor, my friend, an honorary Grandmother to my children.   She was simply the dearest and kindest woman I have ever been blessed to have had in my life.

Last night Arleen passed away.  Her 99th birthday was on Valentine's Day.  Yes, she was a Valentine baby.  How befitting a woman of such love!  In all honesty, I never ever felt she would pass away.  She skipped when walking, she danced and gestured with her arms in a lady like way.  

She wore little black Mary Jane style shoes with little heels.  She was about 4.5 feet in height.  She was gentle and soft, and when she hugged me I felt such comfort.

She is gone and my Love and I are beside ourselves with grief.  The loss is not only for her but the loss of an era of friends and family that were the salt of the earth.  She'd been through the depression and WWII, she saw progress in ways that were truly visible and grand rather than hand held devices with little chips.

Last night when her Granddaughter called us to give the news I felt like my heart would dissolve.  I could hear sounds around me but they were muffled.  I couldn't think.  My Love and I clung to each other crying into each others shoulders and necks.  Hot, painful tears that welled up in disbelief and yet knowing that she could not live forever.

We felt selfish for our wanting to keep her alive for us.  Oh, in my heart, I wanted to see her in Clark's arms, her husband of 64 years who passed away in 1998.  His loss was as hard to take those many years ago.  I wanted to know that they were together again in loving embrace.  I wanted him to say "Lady, I have been waiting for you...and here you are".

Arleen and Clark were dear close friends of Papa's.  Arleen's family and Papa's had come from Illinois to settle into the Yakima Valley in Washington during the depression years.  A farming community still small with deep roots for those families.  But they are almost all gone that group.  

A story I heard....was that Arleen and Clark eloped.  Papa, wanting to congratulate them slipped a note under their hotel door only to find out he had slipped it under the wrong door.  They never got the note!

Memories like a door opening to a room in my head, popping in, going to another room another memory....

Arleen making me Floating Island because I read it in a book and was curious. She surprised it on me once when we went to their home for dinner.   Do you know what Floating Island is?  It is meringue floating on creme anglaise and it was divine!

Arleen and Clark at K's. birth where Clark tells me K. waved to him as she was wheeled by in her incubator.  They stayed for hours and hours while I was in labor as support for my parents.

Arleen teaching me to bake her recipe for white bread.  She needed to stand on a bench because her kitchen counters were too high for her.

Arleen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the my girls and deviled ham for Clark and I on Pepperidge Farm bread, thin slice.  Having Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies afterwards because Clark liked them.

Arleen driving her car where she was barely visible above the steering wheel.  She may have driven slow but she always used her signals!

Arleen reading to one of my girls while sitting on the floor or on their bed in their bedroom.  This was her time and I never intruded.  Magic was being made...

Untitled from Ellen F. on Vimeo.

Arleen and Clark walking us through their garden.  Most suburban neighborhoods people had lawns in the backyard but not them.  They had paths where you could wander amongst flowers, and we would eat raspberries and strawberries fresh from the vine.  Beans and tomatoes, ....more magic....


Arleen quilting.  She made large squares of X's and O's, for hugs and kisses, to make a quilt for their bed.  Could that be any more loving?

Arleen and Clark playing at the park ever so many times with our family.

Going to the ballet with my mom and K. to see the Nutcracker.

Arleen and Clark hiding Cheerios in a special little black box they would set on their bookshelves for K. and her sister E. to find....which they sought out every time we went to their home.

Coloring with Clark at his big desk while Arleen made Butterscotch cookies.  Crayons or colored pencils spread out .

Day books...Arleen and Clark kept yearly day books that they wrote down important things that might have happened.  They could look up any given date and tell you exactly who came or called them.

Going to the Seattle Zoo.

Going on the ferry to Bainbridge Island to sightsee.

Going to Seattle Center to the Amusement Park.  Is it still there?

Arleen's laugh....

Arleen's ever so light on her toes skipping walk.

Arleen the dancer.  I know this because I sat on her sofa and looked at old photo albums where she had photos of her in costume dancing.

Arleen holding my girls as babies, with Clark wanting to hold them just as much.  They had to take turns those two.

Remembering Clark and Arleen dancing....when I saw them dance together, how he held her, that was love. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

The weather was fine and the hunting good!

Recently my friend Kathy and I went to the Alameda Antique Fair.  We hadn't been in quite awhile.  You never know what you will find any given time you go.  

I found first off these galvanized buckets.  Yes, buckets.  As soon as I saw them I could see succulents in them.  Maybe some that trail like "Donkey Tail".   I saw lots of buckets that day....lots.

 Look at these buckets....I really liked their handles but I wondered what do to with them?  They have been preforated all over so they can't hold anything.  I also worried that the edges that were preforated would be sharp.  The hutch caught my eye as well.

Next I found this silver serving spoon.  I had bought one similar to this last year and have enjoyed using it to serve fruit from a bowl.  This one had me when it saw the engraved initial "D" on it.  That is my maiden names initial.

It was very windy that day and as I was browsing one of the vendor spaces I heard this tinkling sound that made me look up.  I saw these bells and whisked it down to buy.  My Love added a few more bells to help catch the wind.  What do you think?  I wasn't so sure but it is growing on me.

One item I was searching for was a pitcher to pour our maple syrup from.  The one we have been using for years is too small.  So my Love asked me to  see if I could find a larger one.  I found the first one which looked a lot like my china pattern of Blue Onion.  This one is Blue Danube.

 Then Kathy called me over to another vendor later in the day.  I had to get this little is Blue Willow.  My other pattern I use and collect.  It has such a sweet shape, all round and pudgy.  So now we have two pitchers to use.  This size is a cream pitcher. 

I found a magnifying glass that used old silver for the handle.  I certainly can use this at home to read the itty-bitty  print on some items.

Last item winked at me.  Really!  Kathy and I were exhausted.  We had been here since 9:15 and it was about 3:00.  Walking all that time, dealing with the blustery wind, and I walked past this stand of these adorable tea cup and saucers that had been reborn as bird feeders.  How very clever!  This is the one I bought.  Don't you think every garden should have a bit of whimsy?  This is what I thought as soon as I laid eyes on it.

I have staked it in a pot on our back kitchen deck for the finch families who make nests back here year after year.  I need some plants for the pot because right now it looks odd and forlorn with no growth of plants under it.  I hope they like it but as yet I have not seen any birds feeding from it.  Do you think the face will scare them away?  I hope not!  I did see our cat Luna sniffing it and sticking her nose to the seed.  Not good.  We shall see....

All in all it was a fun day.  I spent on most items $5 with the tea cup bird feeder of $15.  I always bring only a certain amount and try to be very choosy.  My friend Kathy would agree on my choosiness.  She tried very hard to get me to buy a few items she found.  I was a firm "nope".  It has to speak to me before I will shell out any money.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We have happy hens

The hens have been happy because of our Springtime weather.  At last they can go out of the coop and scratch to their hearts content.

This is Little Sue.  She use to be a sweet little chick but in a year she has become quite bossy.  She hangs out with the three red hens and seems to be the ring leader.  Little Sue lays tiny green tinted eggs though not very often.

When I found the four of them together I noted that one of the red hens had her neck stuck under the black drain hose.  I was just about to reach down and help her when my Love told me not to worry that she would get her head out just fine on her own.

I didn't see how she could but then she did!  The three red hens are not too smart.  In fact I wonder if Little Sue told the one red hen to put her head there.  Only the red hens are molting right now and they look pretty scraggly.  They lay large brown eggs and they have to be the best layers ever.  It doesn't seem to bother them if it is cold or hot they just keep laying.

This is Blackie and Dotty 2.  They seem to be best friends as they are always together.  Blackie was given to us by a family who thought they wanted chickens but realized it was more work than they wanted, plus they didn't have a coop and they didn't seem to want to build one.  She is very sweet and loves to be petted.  I came up to her and she sat down, pumped up her feathers and I stroked her softly.  Dottie 2 is shy and doesn't let me get too near her.  Our first Dottie was killed a number of years ago and when I saw another one at the feed store last year I just had to bring her home.  She is so pretty with her black and white feathers!

This is Little Joe with my Great-nephew last summer.  Little Joe was nowhere to be seen today.  We have had her the longest and she has seen some terrible hen killings of her past hen family over the years.  We have been amazed that she survived.  The other hens don't like her and pick on her most of the time.  She too lays tiny very pale green eggs, when she lays, which is rare.  She loves my Love!  When she is out of the coop and sees him she will come running to him talking the whole time.  She loves to be picked up and he puts her on his shoulders and walks around.  He is the Chicken Whisper....the Chicken Man! 

Now for some chicken dancing as I call it......

Blackie and Dottie @ from Ellen F. on Vimeo.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stranded in Paradise...Part 2

 Continued from Stranded in Paradise Part 1

   The fishing boat whisked us off from the airport across the blue lagoon.  We were on Bora Bora, considered the most beautiful island in the world, a place so far removed from California, so exotic (we hope!) that we just are slacked jawed.

     An even smaller Le Truck than on Papeete picked us up at the boat dock and drove us on a narrow one lane road to The Hotel Bora Bora which was on the opposite end of the islandWe had only seen small photos from a brochure that our travel agent gave to us that don't do justice to what we were seeing with our eyes.  Driving along this road there were shacks with laundry on lines blowing in the light breeze.  Those shacks were someones humble home, quite different from any home I had seen.  They were small and raised up off the ground, but I didn't see any people around.  In fact it was very quiet here.  Where was everyone?

     We drove up to the entrance of the hotel which is in the Hale style of using coconut palm thatch on the roof and other native wood material on the outside.  Swaying coconut trees are everywhere. My eyes looked up to the incredibly clear blue sky and out to the water to see shades of blue I had never seen before.  Could there ever be a more beautiful sight?  Inside it was open air with high lofty ceilings that you see the coco palm thatch from the underside as well as the structural beams with lacquered finish.  No glass windows anywhere.

     "Ia Orana" which is hello in Tahitian, was warmly said with soft clear voices as we entered the lobby.  The Tahitians are such happy looking people with smiles freely given.  They have no airs (or at least they didn't) which allows you to feel quite comfortable when you know you stand out like a tourist.  

     As much as we wished and wanted to be in the over the water bungalows we simply didn't have the money to afford one.  Those rooms were away from the shore by taking a boardwalk out over the lagoon.  Each room has a clear glass floor area inside where spotlights can be turned on to see the many colorful fish at night.  Our  bungalow is right off the beach.  The room was not fancy and was dark inside.  Still what a view...we quickly got out of our traveling clothes and into our swimsuits.  It was time to explore!

     My Love was anxious to go snorkeling and he grabbed his fins and snorkel that he had brought from home.  He started off from in front of our bungalow but we discovered our beach was quite windy.  So with that we went to the front desk and asked if there was a bungalow in a less windy spot.  We moved later that day to the other side of the hotel and had a better bungalow in the end.  Much less wind and the room seemed nicer.  A hammock to swing in in the shade for me and a calm beach to snorkel from for my Love.

     I remember both of us dragging our lounges out into the water to the level that while laying down the water would keep our backsides cool.  With the humidity, that sensation was oh so lovely.  I laugh now, but I know I looked down after having my eyes closed for a cat nap and saw all these little fish around my lounge.  I was such a baby when it came to fish and the ocean!  I was freaked out.  Of course you are thinking how could you go to this tropical paradise and be afraid of the fish and the water?  I just couldn't get my head around it.  I loved knowing that my Love was having the time of his life.  I loved him coming back to me and telling me about all the colorful fish he saw.  How he saw a huge eel that kept coming in and out by the over the water bungalows in the coral. He would try to encourage me but I just couldn't release my inner fear.

     What to do in paradise....we rode bikes around part of the island one day.   Most of the time we felt like we were the only ones there.  We went by beaches where not a soul was.  Our hotel was isolated from the area where the hotels were which was closer to the airport.  Those places seemed huddled together even though there were just a few of them at that time.  Back when we were visiting, there were no car rentals, just bikes.  Here in this paradise we simply did nothing and you use your imagination.

     You have no idea how hard it is to do nothing.  We had to give into "Tropo-time" as it was called.  Our only way of knowing the time was if we felt hungry.  We had all our meals at the hotel since there were no restaurants near us, which would explain why our meals were part of package.  The food was excellent.  We would be lolling on the beach and look at each other..."is it near lunch?".  Were our stomachs growling?  Was the sun getting lower?   

     The place was not full and we all seemed to eat at the same time.  We would casually stroll in (I don't know how we knew when it was meal time) and sat down.  I don't think we chose what to eat, the food just came.   On the first morning of our stay, I asked for a glass of milk.  The lovely young Tahitian smiled at me radiantly.  They all seemed to have such beautiful straight white teeth.  She repeated back to me "milk".  Yes, that was what I would like.  The milk didn't come.  I asked again.  She did the same thing by saying "milk" and smiling.  I was getting annoyed until we were politely told there was no milk on Bora Bora.  There were no cows and it was too expensive to bring over.  With that we learned that the staff spoke very little English let alone understood it.  

     In the lobby area we saw photos taken from when the movie Hurricane was filmed.  We found out  that many of the employees of the hotel were extras for the film.  Well how about that!

     On our fourth day in paradise we were told we all were going to have to leave the hotel.  The employees had decided to  go on strike.  Strike?  Apparently since the movie was filmed and released the employees were unhappy with how much money they were being paid.  They want more.  My Love and I are justifiably upset.  Where will be be moved to?  We don't want to leave this shangri-la!  We were told we would all be taken to the Hotel Marara which was built by Dino De Laurentiis when he could not find a hotel for all the actors and others working on the film.  If that information was to make us feel better it didn't.  We left our little bungalow and were driven to our new accommodations for the remainder of our time on Bora Bora.  We were even less than happy since this resort was so new the vegetation hadn't had a chance to grown in.  Each bungalow was on a barren slope and there were many of them.  The Hotel Marara was a much larger resort with less Tahitian charm and it was busy.  They tried to please us but there was nothing they could do (except have offered us over the water bungalows, which they didn't).  We made the most of the awkward transition and fell back into our Tropo place.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bright Star


                         Bright Star

Bright star! would I were steadfast as thou art—

Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night

And watching, with eternal lids apart,

Like nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite,

The moving waters at their priestlike task

Of pure ablution round earth’s human shores,

Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask

Of snow upon the mountains and the moors—

No—yet still steadfast, still unchangeable,

Pillowed upon my fair love’s ripening breast,

To feel for ever its soft swell and fall,

Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,

Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,

And so live ever—or else swoon to death.

~John Keats~ 

Have you read much of John Keats and his poems?  Have you read his letters to Fanny Brawe?   Sometime when you are calm and quiet take the time to read them.  I am enchanted with how "lovers" spoke and wrote...would you not wish to have a poem or love letter like this?

Ah must be Spring that makes my heart flutter!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunrise, sunshine!

 It's a lovely day...another lovely day.  I feel like Spring has indeed come and is filling my heart with happy thoughts. 

I heard this on the radio this morning.  I love Norah Jones's voice.  So warm and engaging.  Enjoy your sunshine day!

Sunrise, sunrise
Looks like mornin' in your eyes
But the clocks held 9:15 for hours
Sunrise, sunrise
Couldn't tempt us if it tried
'Cause the afternoon's already come and gone

And I said hoo...
To you

Surprise, surprise
Couldn't find it in your eyes
But I'm sure it's written all over my face
Surprise, surprise
Never something I could hide
When I see we made it through another day

And I said hoo...
To you

Now good night
Throw its cover down
On me again
Ooh and if I'm right
It's the only way
To bring me back

To you


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