Monday, August 1, 2011

The Birthday Cake and the Birthday Girl

The cake turned out just wonderful....thank goodness!

The Birthday day girl, my mother by marriage and my sister by them dearly!

88 years young...I can't even think that.  I've been a part of this family for over 36 years.   One could not have a finer, more loving mother by marriage that is for sure.  Sister?  Oh yes, I lucked out there too!   I owe a great many recipes to both these women.  I try to live up to their experience but the lesson of trying is the what I have learned most.  Sometimes a recipe works and other times it goes it's own way.  Laugh and learn is my motto.


Ms. Moon said...

What beautiful women. Seriously beautiful to the bone beautiful.
"Live and don't learn," is mostly my motto. Sigh.

Birdie said...

The cake is perfect. I bet she was thrilled. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, they're both so beautiful. And how lovely you are, too, to honor them in such a way. The cake looks divine!

Ciara said...

What a beautiful portrait.
Nothing is more precious than family. And yes, it is a double blessing when we find ourselves married into a family we can love too!

Oh, and yummy cake too!


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