Saturday, January 21, 2012

Missing some bloggers

Do you have some blogger friends that seem to have gone?  I have several that don't seem to write any longer and I miss them.  I wonder if something has happened in their life or if they just tired of blogging either from writing or reading.

All of them were terrific writers too.  Like Astonish Me who I found early on.  She spoke of stories from the South that hit the roots of my family who came from Alabama.  She wrote stories of her growing up, stories that came to life in her words.

Then there was Bethany from Bloom.  Another blog that was a delight to read.  An animal lover like myself but had some very deep thoughts and sometimes a serious side to her writing.

I so enjoyed My Farmhouse Kitchen with her lovely photography of where she lives.  Seasonal displays, recipes, her poochie Teddy, such a delightful blog.  I know of the area she lives in and how many times I would be reading and viewing and thinking "Oh I know where that is" or "hhhmmm, I'll have to go there sometime".  Colorful and friendly a special little get-away online.

Now Sarah at Sarah Elizabeth hasn't been writing but I do understand.  She had a baby this past year and I certainly would step away from blogging for a baby.

Both my daughters had blogs that they stepped away from and I miss those too.  Of course I may not view their blogs but I hear from them so that evens it out.

Do you have bloggers who have faded away?  Believe me I don't really mind because someday I too may decide that I am tired of blogging.  A different interest may come along that I take in fully.  I don't know what I thought when I began to blog or that I would have any readers except maybe family and friends.  When unknown names made comments or when I ventured to read other blogs a door opened which was a breath of fresh air.  I prefer a blog read over the newspaper any day. 

Just my passing thought for the day...


Sara Louise said...

I miss Dreamfarm Girl. She moved from her farm outside Austin to NYC and has only posted once since... I miss here :-(

Angella Lister said...

This post struck a chord. I know what you mean. There are bloggers I grew to love who slowly stopped writing. I know what they were feeling. There is a cycle to blogging. But for some of us, it's also therapy. Those bloggers tend to stay, even if they get quiet sometimes or just post photos and poems and quotes for a while. I have been musing in the life cycle of a blog. some are longer than others, i guess. glad to have found you!


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