Sunday, March 14, 2010

Renoir loved curves

     With the sunshine coming....I just realized bathing suit season will be just around the corner.....

     I like that Renoir loved curves in his painting...I think I would have fit in better in his time.  I wouldn't have felt so at odds with the softness of the body through the years.   I think all fashion shows and magazines should start focusing on hiring the Renoir Woman!  A body with some curves...yes!   Stop the hiring of young teens to wear those couture for grown women.  They are that shape because they are teens and still growing.  They haven't had a few kids to soften their lean bodies.  Breasts still high and firm.  Give them a couple of kids who have breastfed and see if they could still be offered a job.   I find it appalling that these young girls are being displayed in the way they are.   Sensuously posed in ways that they couldn't even understand.  How could their mothers agree to this?  

     Let's see...summer will be here in how many months?  I think curves with a tan look great.


Ms. Moon said...

Look- most designers are gay men and they design for women who look like the boys they fell in love with as boys themselves. Just saying. Models are nothing but hangers who can walk.
We forget this.

Ellen said...

I hadn't thought it that way...hhhmm makes even more sense now. Those designers have forgotten about women! I love your line "Models are nothing but hangers who can walk"...priceless!

Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of a Renoir curvy club. I'd be a member and wish that I didn't have to add the word "sadly" to that. Thank you for commenting on my blog today -- I look forward to reading yours!

Dreamer said...

Totaly agree........I can belong to the Curby Club!!!!

Bethany said...

I'm with you.
I am a Renoir woman through and through!


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