Thursday, August 26, 2010

E R....the eternal waiting

     Daughter E zooms me to the doctor's office where we are clearly the last patient of the day.  E signs me in and takes care of the basic formalities to do before seeing the doctor.   We sit in the exam room waiting for Dr. F. to see me and chat.  I feel so odd having my daughter bring me to the doctor, sitting in the one chair while I am perched on the exam table.  A reversal of roles as it was I who sat on the chair when she was little talking to her to distract her from the wait till the doctor came in.  I am comforted by her being with me, knowing she should be on her way to work and yet she tells me she wants to be here with me to help and make sure I am okay.

     Dr. F. comes in and teases me a bit as I was in to see him barely 2 weeks before because of Tendonitis.  That is in my left arm, my writing arm, not the one I hold as though it were fine china.  He says let's take a look as he unwraps my hand.  Gentle, everyone is gentle though I still am feeling fearful.   "Oh yes" he says, "I do believe you broke your wrist".  He wants me to go to the hospital that thankfully it is just next door to get x-rays and he will call in an orthopedic.  The nurse is called to get a wheelchair as they don't want me to have to walk.  Okay.  I walk out to the hall where the chair is and start to sit down.  I feel that the chair is not locked (what was the nurse thinking?)  and start to feel a fall but I am caught by the nurse and Dr. F.  (I hope there is a chat between them later about the need to ALWAYS lock the chair.  

     E R waiting room is not too busy though that doesn't mean a thing.  The exam areas could be a zoo for all we know.  Once again E signs me in and passes over my ID and insurance card as well as any signatures.  My Love has no idea what has transpired as he had just started a new big job out of the area.  E and I sit down.  I encourage her to go back to work that I will be okay.  No she won't go, that it is alright for her to stay.  After about a half hour waiting I finally get her to go.  She calls home to give the update which is still nothing but waiting.  My Love is just home and will be on his way.  My fall was at near 3:00, the doctor visit 4:00, it is now the 4:45 or so hour.  E reluctantly leaves as we say goodbye.

     The waiting room begins to have new patients.  A young boy with a bump from running into a table and gashing the forehead as well as hitting the back of the head.  Mom has a three pack of juice boxes as well as a sippy cup, Dad cradles their son on his shoulder.  I think Dad had been on duty watching their son when the accident happens as I hear them talking.

     I am called by the triage nurse.  A curly haired young man with a knack for this job.  All the questions of how, when, etc. are asked and then I return to the waiting room, back to my chair, to wait some more.  My arm aches and throbs and I am feeling more uncomfortable.

     Next another couple with a little girl comes.  Mom is distressed and anxious to see a doctor now.  Father is agitated and speaking a foreign language to the wife.  She becomes more upset and little girl does as well.  Life in the E R is anything but boring.

     I am called by another nurse to have my x-rays.  Her name is K just like my daughter.  X-rays are not pleasant as we have to unwrap my wrist though not fully and hold it in three different positions which gets me shaky and nervous because of the discomfort.  Then it is back to the waiting room.   

     Why does the time take forever?  The room has become quite full now.  My Love arrives about 5:40.  Relief that he is here and my eyes become teary.  All I can think to say is "I'm sorry".   My Love says "Why?  You've done nothing wrong.".  But that is what I feel.  I am sorry for this unwanted attention.  I only want to be with my visiting daughter and her boyfriend.  Cooking dinner having a glass of wine, laughing, not being here on a Friday night.  I say "Some lousy date this is."  My Love looks at me with only that look of tender comfort he can do.  He asks if I am thirsty or hungry.  Well,  yes I am.  H goes out to the car to bring me what he has.   Time just drags.  My Love asks if I mind if he goes to get something more filling as he is hungry from working all day.  No problem, as the wait will be long, that is clear.



Elizabeth said...

Oh, I hope you get patched up and out of there, soon!

Ms. Moon said...

We have all been spending WAY too much time in hospitals. You're such a lovely writer though, that I don't mind spending this time with you, even if we are in the hospital.

Ellen said...

You both are dear as can be....I maybe out for a is necessary...more on that later.


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