Friday, September 10, 2010

Mom ~ The One Who Knows

The One Who Knows ~ Dar Williams

Time it was I had a dream
And you're the dream come true
And if I had the world to give
I'd give it all to you.
I'll take you to the mountains
I will take you to the sea
I'll show you how this life became
A miracle to me.

You'll fly away
but take my hand until that day
So when they ask how far love goes
When my job's done, you'll be the one who knows.

All the things you treasure most
Will be the hardest won
I will watch you struggle on
For the answers come
But I won't make it harder
I'll be there to cheer you up
I'll shine the light that guides you down
The road you're walking on

You'll fly away
but take my hand until that day
So when they ask how far love goes
When my job's done, you'll be the one who knows.

Before the mountains call to you
Before you leave this home
I will teach your heart to trust
As I will teach my own
But sometimes I will ask the moon
Where it shined upon you last
And shake my head and laugh me say
It all went by so fast

You'll fly away
but take my hand until that day
So when they ask how far love goes
When my job's done, you'll be the one who knows.

     I heard this song on the radio awhile back and fell in love with Dar William's voice and the lyrics to this song.  Becoming a mother has been beyond all my expectations of what I imagined it could be.  Granted there have been some difficult times.  I did go on strike one time in the late 1980's as I felt no one appreciated all the work I did at home.  That would be my dear daughters who were making huge messes in what we called the playroom/library/office.  Dress-ups, Barbies with all the clothes and itty bitty shoes they had, books left in piles and Playmobile toys left out for days.  Looking back I would love to repeat it all over, except the strike.  I did however make a point and enforced in as gentle a way as possible that all had to be tidied up at the end of the day.  Their friends needed to help or my dear daughters would have to do it by themselves.  I would also give a 5 or 10 minute warning to get stated in cleaning up before the parents came to pick up their child.  It did work too.  My Love also began helping to enforce this as well and to give me a bit more help around the house.

     My children have brought such joy to our lives, they have opened my eyes to the wonder of watching or listening to all that was new to them and to teen years that I wondered how we would survive.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew that my heart had been filled with profound motherly love.  Birth with it's mystery and transformation to being a woman that filled the primal need to protect and nurture.  Nesting was such a part of me.  I was and am so extremely fortunate to have been a stay at home mom.  To be a part of their growing years, their beginnings of success and the times something went amiss.  The tears, those salty child tears that I wiped from their cheeks from hurts, a fight with their sister or friend, or just a needed cry of frustration.  The many times I rocked back in forth in my rocker, child curled up, asleep, reading a story or singing.  So much singing!  Vacations to Tahoe I will hold most dear.  The star filled sky above, the deep blue of the lake, the quiet, the laughter, the walks, the rafting, playing in the hot tube with squirt guns, BBQ's, family coming to stay and be together, Monopoly games till late at night, card games, board games....oh so many good times WE all had. 

     It is harder now with three grown daughters and a son that feels like he is an only child.  Together times take juggling, there are jobs or distance that prevent our family vacations.  We are in a phase of trying to please and create our time together but it has to be forgiven that it won't always happen. 

     My dearest family, I love you so.  Thank you for all the years past and all our years ahead....


Corinne said...

Oh Ellen... that song is beautiful. I've loved Dar Williams for years now :)
Such a tear jerker...

Elizabeth said...

I love Dar Williams. And I imagine your daughters and son are some of the luckiest children alive to have a mother like you.

Ms. Moon said...

I have been having these exact same sort of feelings. I have an almost physical need to get all my babies under my roof at the same time, to hold them all close at once, to breath in their essences, to remember, to look forward to, to be so very grateful.

Ellen said...

Corinne....I am drawn to those vocalists that pull the heartstrings

Elizabeth...I think I am the lucky one.

Ms. Moon...I have never been good at letting the nest stay empty...I too just need to see, hear and touch my kids or I don't feel right. Breath in their essences...yes.


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