Thursday, September 9, 2010

One of my talented daugthers....

         From the time she could first hold a crayon in her small little hands she was an artist.  Our daughter could spend many hours coloring pictures, she and I sitting at her child's size table with the tiny chairs, side by side, content in our world.   She was a neat, stay-in-the-lines type, not the scribbler.  Page after page in a coloring book, or on clean white typing paper making drawings of smiling people and rainbows.  The only other intent childhood activity she had such purpose with was playing with her babydolls.  

     In her teens she took lessons at the local Community Arts program as she wanted more that what she was able to do at school.   The was a "Live Model" class and she was a minor.  I had to give permission for her to take the class.  We laughed when she said that the models seem to be all retirement age versus younger people.   Many of the volunteer model's were from the nearby Retirement Community.  Her professional attitude was not the nakedness of the model but the study of her art detail.   

     She worked endlessly to perfect hands and eyes.   I felt I was looking at the work of Michelangelo's sketches.  These parts that were so hard to make feel real to the eye.  I am the keeper of these priceless works that she has left here tucked in sketchbooks, large art paper and as well as her art portfolio.  It is a treasure of my daughter's talent that I knew she always had.

     A gift needs to be nurtured with plenty of time and ample supplies.  Boxes of crayons and watercolors moved to colored markers to colored pencils and then to pastels and charcoal.  My father, in his artist wisdom enjoyed the artist blossoming in his granddaughter.  After his death my mom gave us his watercolor paints, canvases, and sketchbooks.  I wish he had some of his sketches still in those books for K. to have seen.  He loved watercolors but his skill in sketching out his watercolor to be were derived from his education in Architecture.  Both he and K. have similarities.  They both worked silently and alone.  Clean of distraction.  I wish he had lived long enough to have seen the artist she has become as he would have been immensely proud of what she has created.

     A most treasured item that came to us after Papa's death was his small teak folding chair that he would sit upon while out sketching.  This K. took to using while she did her work at her drafting table.  While it is up in the barn in storage it is a chair I could never let go of.  Two of the most disciplined artists have used that special chair.  

     When K. creates a new drawing and tells me on the phone about it I imagine her leaning over her paper with charcoal pencil in hand.  I wonder what she might be thinking as the drawing comes to life.  Many drawings she has done are quite large and I can't figure out how she keeps them protected.  I can still see us drawing together.  I would ask, "What are you going to draw?" and she would smile, pause, look at me, "What are you going to make mommy?".  It wasn't so much what we would each be drawing, it was about us being together as we did our 'Art'.  Praising each other for what we did and drawing some more. 

      Click here to see some of her work.....  Kristin's website 


Corinne said...

So beautiful. So much talent :) And your words about her are so tender.

Allegra Smith said...

After reading about your wrist, and commiserating - my left hand actually - you can imagine that typing is hellish but I wanted you to know that I do read even when I can't type and so far typing this with my right hand only has taken over 4 minutes (!) but I have to tell you that I know art when I see it and I see it all over her blog. What a joy to know you have nurtured her talent and to see it now bloom to its full potential.

Sending you a hug and hoping for a quick resolution of your wrist. It is hard to be one handed...sigh.

Elizabeth said...

I sure hope your wrist is healing and that your pain is lessened.

Your daughter is gorgeous and her art exquisite. I wish I had a bit of money and I'd commission her -- really, those drawings are extraordinary!

Sara Louise said...

I just looked at her website, she has an amazing talent!! And from reading the post I know you are so very proud of her, as you should be :-)

Ms. Moon said...

I think one of the major blessings and joys of having children is watching them grow up and seeing the talent they have develop.
Amazing pictures.

Ellen said...

Corinne...Oh the talent..the gift. I cry sometimes when I look at what she has done.. she writes lovely too.

Allegra...I miss you and your dear words so I was touched when I saw your name! Oh the typing is crazy. I simply can't wait to get out of the cast.

Elizabeth...Just remember her website for when you do want one done...

Sarah...I am so proud of each of our children/ just gets better every year.

Ms. Love and I have joked at who gave them their good looks and talents...hehehe!

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Ellen, I stumbled upon this post from the "you might also like" feature. I am blown away by your daughter's talent. Once I get Oliver down for a nap, I am going to check out her website.


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