Thursday, October 28, 2010

You tell me....

I think R. was ahead of himself in style with his hair.

When he was in 5th grade, 5 years ago, he decided he wanted to wear his hair long.  I didn't mind.  

Now R. had a baseball coach several years ago who constantly bugged him to cut his hair.  R. ignored him.  We ignored him.  What difference does it make how long your hair is if you play the game?  R. had been pitching for many years and doing a fine job as well.   I guess the coach didn't like his hair and he didn't think he pitched fast enough.  R. got short stop, third base or outfield.  Yeah.  

That was 2008.  He stopped playing baseball that year.  Burnout.  Fed up.  I don't know and in the end he really was enjoying his electric guitar and baseball games were a memory behind him.

Where am I going with this?  You tell me....but I think R. was rockin' the long hair way before the Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum....

My guy  -  2008

The Giants guy - 2010

My guy was definitely ROCKIN'!!!!!
 He wears his hair shorter now.   He still rocks...and rolls!

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Allegra Smith said...

Some prejudices are very hard to both understand and tolerate with a smile and some looking towards France, as nanny used to say. But the one of the hair is still one that escapes me completely. Samson anyone? Happy Halloween to you as well and indeed, Macbeth is some cracker as my Scottish Grandmama used to say. You must come to Ashland to the Shakespearean Festival which is a joy to behold.


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