Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Craft from a not-to-crafty person

Ah, the holidays are here!  
Tis the week before Thanksgiving (oh it is just days away!)
and I look at my dining table wondering what to do.....

What to do?

So, okay, I am doing a bit of copying....

Visiting my dear friend Kathy who had a lovely
try of candles, many candles,
all different heights.
Some of those nifty faux candles with a vanilla scent
that you just use a remote to turn on!  (Costco)
Then the candles that have faux birch wood wrapped on the 
outside.  Leaves scattered amongst them on,
leaves scattered on her large coffee table as though a
wisp of wind laid them there....
Needless to say Kathy seems to decorate in the way
that feels warm, natural, and speaks of home....where
you want to sit and sip a cup of tea or better yet
a lovely glass of wine.  (hint, hint, Kathy)
I had candle envy.  Can you have candle envy?  

Oh back to the dining table. 

I had a mission yesterday.  I was thinking,  surely I can find 
some of the faux birch bark candles. 
Then I thought of how to use the candles.
 I should have remembered while I was walking the aisles of
Cost Plus.   I thought of a tray which I did not have the size I wanted.
I thought of a mirror laid on the table...reflection and light!
I found the candles at Cost Plus!  Yippeee!  Bought four.  
(the employees need to know their merchandise as they didn't
think they had them. They thought they were only online.   I found them
after searching aisle by aisle.)

On to the craft store.  Once again I am distracted.
Too many women, too many carts.
I bought sheet moss, bright green, fresh moss.
I bought Lichen that is black on one side
soft cream on the other side, curly, crisp as
though peeled from a oak tree.
Distraction over the faux trees and what I
could do with them for Christmas......

Home. Thinking.

I look up and realize I have so many baskets of every type.  
In the garage way of high I spy a long, low basket.
This basket was so dirty. 
I thought of wiping it down but it was a mess
and would take too long to clean.
I  hosed it down at full force and set it tilted over the heat vent.
Dry in no time!


I have plenty of my own candles I can add.

I have a wide enough table but I still need room for my place mats and glassware....
The basket will give me the length I need for a table set for nine.

I could look for some acorns....but went out and cut some
branches off the Maple tree for now.  
Christmas ideas are brewing in my head.

Seriously...thank you Kathy for the idea....


Ms. Moon said...

People decorate?
(That looks lovely.)

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous -- I have some of those birch-bark candles and pull them out every year for my mantel at Christmas. Maybe I'll do it a little earlier this year...

Sara Louise said...

That looks really pretty and festive!


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