Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heebee Geebees!

5:00 A.M. I am awakened hearing the oddest sound.  I can't figure it out in that brief moment before I prod my Love ....

"Wake up"

Nothing...he doesn't make a sound

"What is that?"


"Can't you hear that?  What is it?"

I am wondering if it is the pool pump/filter that is going to explode.  (I seem to think any odd machine sound is something potentially going to explode.)

"Go see what it is.  Your the man."   I think I have said this to my Love every time I am awakened by odd noises in the night, 'Your the man'.  I notice the dogs don't even wake up.  A shadow at the foot of our bed is the kitties who do wake up.  It figures that they hear something.  

My Love crawls out of the bed.  What is that sound.  RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  He is softly walking but I don't know where.  No sound from him.  He comes back.  

The sound is coming from this stupid thing.


Now what I can't figure out is how it was turned on?  You have to push in on the top to get it to turn on.  I think the cats might have done it but they are at the foot of the bed.  I think a mouse / rat (yikes!), no not strong enough (besides that just would so creep me out!).  My Love assures me it could not be a mouse / rat.   So how the heck does it just randomly turn on at 5:00 A.M.!!!!!!  Why?

I oddly fall back to sleep.  I say oddly because my freaked out nature is to lay there trying to mentally figure this out and I don't.  I am peaceful.  My Love however cannot fall back to sleep.  The dogs still are sleeping.  Little Luna comes and crawls under the covers to curl up close to my belly.  Sweet kitty to keep me (us) warm.  Of course once I do wake up at my so called 'normal' time, with the dogs jangling their collars, shaking and disturbing my slumber, time to be fed, I begin to think.

I find the device.  The hand massager that we have in the 'Man Room' where one may want to use while sitting down watching the Telly.  It is on the big wood table below our TV.  How the heck did it just turn on?  I press it on.  It takes some decent pressure to do this.  It lights up in a blue light and does the rumble as it vibrates.  Are we being notified by the beyond?

I have been reading a book that Ms. Moon suggested, "How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly. "   The chapter I had been reading last night was a bit spooky only because of what Clarissa has just found out about what happened to the owners of the home she lives in.   (Sorry can't give any of the book away!).  Was something planted in my mind of ghosts?  Of course it is one thing to think of ghosts but another to have this strange thing happen.

You tell me...ideas?


Ms. Moon said...

Ah, things happen.
And I did not so much recommend the book as say that it is interesting to me because it was written by a woman who lived in this house. And the house in the book is this house.
Are you enjoying it?

Ellen said...

I am! I have to admit there are some extremely interesting situations, and Clarissa is a woman who needs to get out of that awful marriage! The dwarf part was just introduced and well that through me a bit...and the beginning with the fly...I wasn't so sure about the book at that point. I have a quarter of the book left to read. I have plans to share this with friends and daughters. Have you felt any ghosts?

Sara Louise said...

I'm always scared that my dog is going to turn things on in the house when I'm sleeping or out, and then the house will burn down or something. I'm happy he's not as clever as your cat :-)

Ellen said...

Sara....still can't figure out how it could have turned on but it hasn't happened again or any other spooky thing..


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