Wednesday, March 9, 2011


"And squeeze, and squeeze.  Just nine more.  And nine, and eight, and seven....just one left..."

I decided I had to try the class.  I had talked about and never got the nerve to do it and yesterday morning I know longer was going to talk, I was going to do it.  On Monday I had called the "Dailey Method" that is in our town and talked to a very pleasant woman.  I shared with her my concerns of doing the class because of my broken wrist from August, the tendonitis in my other arm and my neck issue.  She explained that I would fill out a form and explain my issues which would be updated on their computer and that the instructor would see this as it would be highlighted in red.  The areas that I might have trouble with then would be modified for me.  This sounded great and gave me no excuse to not try it.  I asked which class was the least crowded in the event of having the instructor being able to help me if I needed it.  That was the 11:00 A.M. class.  

"Now hold it, and squeeze, and squeeze..."

The receptionist greets me as I walk in the door.  We talk chitchat a bit and then I fill out the form that asks the usual information as well as any health concerns.  She encourages me to take a look around before the class time begins.  I note they have a neat, small locker room with a large mirror on one wall.  Around the corner of that room is a shower and a restroom.  They have a childcare room as well as another restroom.  White walls and high ceilings with skylights let in natural light.  There are large format photographs of children on the wall which makes me think someone who owns or goes here must do photography on the side.  

"Keep the ball between you thighs, go up on your toes.  Tip your pelvis and squeeze and squeeze..."

Another door opens and many women walk out from the previous class.    The air is warm, much warmer than I expected.  I am bothered by this as I had heard that you barely break a sweat in this class.  I wonder how hot this place will be in the summer.  I had read about the "Dailey Method" which is a similar type class as the "Bar Method", as one of intense, concentrated, repetitions of movement that work muscles that one normally cannot work by simple exercise that most of us do.  That it would work on lengthening, toning  and strengthening the muscles, especially the thighs and butt.  Sweating was not part of the deal.  It takes roots from ballet, yoga and pilates as it incorporates many of the same moves.  Well, I love ballet barre work and I love yoga so this sounded like a great mix.  

"Go higher on your toes.  Keep your back straight, shoulders down and tilt and squeeze...and squeeze"

We begin with marching in place with knees high.  So far so good.  Then we add arms.  We add light weights and I am still okay but I was getting warm.  I sure wish we could open the french door and some of the windows that circled two walls of the room.   The fresh air would feel so good.  The ceiling fans above are on low.

The fatigue begins to set in as we move farther in the class.  I find that they do many of the signature moves while in a plank position as well as doing push ups.  Now all this would be great except for my wrist,  that held up pretty well but I didn't have any desire to push it.  In fact I paced myself carefully having heard how sore one could get.  I had no intention of making myself be unable to move the next day.  

I can feel my body twitching with these new awakened muscles.  Really!  There are just enough repetitions to burn and make the muscles quiver.  I had to break many times.  No one else in the class did.  I didn't compare myself to anyone but I felt like the kid in P.E. who couldn't do what the teacher asked of him to do.

Speaking of the instructor.  She is young and her legs look strong.  She dons a headset and gives us the instructions.  I have a hard time following her as there is pounding music in the background.  That kind of music with a beat that goes with the squeeze.  She comes several times to me to encourage me and to correct a position I don't have.  

Half way through the class I realized that I will not be signing up for this.  In fact I realize that with all we have done I can certainly do yoga once more.  I would really prefer yoga to this.  My neck is not bothered though I am being very careful to not get tight in the shoulders.  I find this a relief and just focus on getting through what I perceive will be the half way mark to the finish.

The last half is an awkward, slightly slouched position against the mirror with the barre above us.  I cannot get the position.   I don't feel this is right for my back and neck.  We are to raise our legs in front of us, like a V shape, tighten our abs and squeeze up.  Right.  My abs have worn out.  I flake out during this part.  Nope.  I will not do this and do it wrong.

Give me the "child's pose" thank you.  Let me stretch it all out.  Thank you....ahhhh.


Ms. Moon said...

I think your body was saying, "Uh, no thanks." You will know when you find the right class. I am sure of that.

Sara Louise said...

But you know what? At least you gave it a try! :-)

deb colarossi said...

okay.... so you have this blog too?
and I love love it...
( I finally have a laptop... here's to staying a little more caught up:) )


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