Friday, March 11, 2011

To the sea...

To the sea...
   to breathe in  the sea breeze,
     let it play with my hair where it will swirl
        up, and around,
        salty lips, veiled skin of sand and sea
        I will not wash away.

To the sea...
    where my heart has always held close
        memories of sitting on the beach,
        fingers and hands making sandcastles,
        where I lie upon the warm sand so deep, 
        bathed in sunlit rays to wash over me,
        to daydream.

To the sea...
     to feel the pounding waves as they crash
       upon the sandy shore
       my heart feeling each wave as it begins their crescendo
       the release of the diminuendo
       the calm, the sizzle of the water in the sand as it
       dissolves away.

To the sea....
     where at night the lights around the shore
       sparkle like the stars above,
       a fairy world of enchantment,
       lovers held close as they embrace,
       stolen kisses give way to generous bestowment.

To the sea....
     ever will I come and drink you in,
        my eyes fill up the blue green shades of
        her depth in shady pools,
        the shattering foam that spills from waves
        the dancing birds on spindly legs,
        the glint that blinds me while it warms me
        with it's the daylight twinkle

To the sea...
     my release of the world complete,
       rebirth, renewal complete,
       my transformation of a nymph
       to my human soul.


Shannon M. Pace said...

what a lovely tribute to the sea, so intimate...

Have you read "Gifts From the Sea"?

Ms. Moon said...

Are we not all mermaids at heart?

Ellen said...

Shannon...I love the ocean...I feel so alive when I am there!

Mary...I may not be a mermaid but there is such feeling of being drawn to her...


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