Monday, April 18, 2011

Can this be done? Really?

Middle daughter and I are planning a trip.  Youngest daughter will be in Rome in May and the thought came up to join her on the last part of her trip while she is there.  This is in one month!

Can I, can we, pull this off?  

I have never been to Rome and have know idea where to stay because that is the first thing I think of.  Where will I lay my head at the end of a day of touring?  What to do is nothing to me.  We can figure that out.  While I would like a bit of time to make plans as I do love to research, well,  frankly, this would be a very special trip and perhaps a bit of spontaneity would be good for me.  Two daughters and a mom together in Rome.  Oh, dear first born daughter...want to make it a real bonding experience and join us?  

Flights....well either we can get one or we can't at this date.  I believe it is considered off season so perhaps along with a pensione the flights will be easy.  

I had thought we would do something maybe in June before school lets out and the crowds arrive.  We hadn't even decided on a destination officially.  We had just talked about it and even that was just a foot in the door plan.  

So much has been swirling in the brain while life still is moving on day to day.  That is what it does.  No down time around here.  Jump from one thing to another.  Emotions up and emotions down.  

R. will be bugged he won't be a part of this.  My Love is right on board with my going with my daughter(s).   I have always wanted to take a trip with my girls.  I have missed having them around me and what a very special gift to have 24 hour time together!  

E. and I need to think about where to go after Rome for the first week.  I am encouraging her to give some ideas....


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds lovely!
And my verification word (and I am NOT making this up) is WINGS!

Ellen said...

Mary....such a word must be destiny!

Elizabeth said...

I have been to Rome several times and have a dear friend who is Roman -- I have a terrific list of places to visit -- both and off the beaten path -- that I can send you. Let me know if you'd like me to do so!


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