Friday, July 22, 2011


     Well we are back from a wonderful vacation in Colorado with family.  Of course nothing like a welcome home with my mother by marriage having a fall and getting an awful gash down the front of her shin bone.  Thankfully she had nothing broken.

     To add icing on the cake our dear Golden Annie was not well on Sunday, a visit to the vet to find that she had a mass on her spleen.  Surgery on Thursday to find out there were two masses!  Now she is home resting watched over by my Love and I with tender care.  We wait with trepidation to hear if the spleen or tumors were malignant.

     This all feels too similar to what happened to our Golden Dixie 10 years ago this month who fell suddenly ill while we were out of the country.  Sadly it was decided her spleen or a mass broke and she bled out.  There was a huge ache in all our hearts the remainder of our trip.  Illness can happen so suddenly in our pets.  They can't tell us what is wrong until it may be too late.  I had already felt before we left that I should bring Annie in but I was concerned she was becoming arthritic since she was acting stiff and not her old self.  Well she is arthritic as that showed on the X-ray along with the mass.

     For now I will play nursemaid to our poochie.   Mother is healing with her leg bound by bandage and a prayer that she does not fall again.  I am wishing I was back on vacation on a hike.   Whatever relaxation I came home with has dissolved.

     Oh there was a star this week!  Our daughter K. was here for several days for us to glow over.  It wasn't the best with my head slightly clouded over with worry but she was a wonderful distraction.  Now she has left to be with her Love up in Seattle and settle into a new place to live for the next 6 months.

    I am having an adjustment with the new format of blogspot...anyone else?   I feel lost!


Elizabeth said...

Well, welcome home, but I'm sorry to hear of the stresses that have dissolved that relaxation. I hope your doggie is feeling better soon and that your mother is as well.

What format stuff with Blogger? I haven't noticed any changes --

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh dear...back to the realities...

i am sending good thoughts and a prayer for sweet, sweet annie....

and happy to hear your mother-in-law is o.k.

have a wonderful weekend

Birdie said...

What a lovely friend Annie is. You can tell by her eyes. I hope she and your MIL are feeling better!


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