Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What to do when you have a couple of hours at the Frankfurt Airport

I was just noticing that E. and I will have a 2 hour layover at the Frankfurt Airport.  What to do, what to do.

Well wouldn't you know, they have a brochure that gives just that information.  How nice, how informative!

We can shop at a Levi's Store, wow, American clothes in Germany.

Oh good, they have The Body Shop where I can buy my lotion that I can't bring in my carry on bag. 

We can go to a Hooter's...Hooter's in Germany?  Of all American eateries why Hooter's?  They describe it as "Hooter's makes you happy!". 

How about Quicker's?  It's a food store for when you are in a hurry.  Really?  What a clever name.

tegut...City  I don't get the name but they sell organic fruit and vegies, baked good and they have a drugstore as well as carrying beauty products.  I could go here for my lotion.  Even has a an airport?  I hope it's not what I am thinking...bring a few filets to go?  Ribs?  No how about the makings for Wiener Schnitzel!

For heartburn I could go to three German sausage eateries.  E. would so appreciate my burbing on our flight to Venice.  No guess not.  So no to Erster Wiener, Hermann's and Hermann's Mobil.

Ahhh but they have a illy Cafe!    I could get some much need caffeine. Oh wait!  They have a Starbucks!!!!  Bingo I know just what I will have.....Grande latte w/nonfat milk German....Grande latte mit nonfat milch bitte!

How about an Airport Sightseeing Tour?  Yes they have that! They have 9 tours to choose from.

Close enough to touch: Airport Sightseeing Tours
This is where it's all happening and you have a front-row seat. Succumb to the fascination of flying and the wonder of seeing the big birds right up close. Our new tour round the airport includes a visit to the building site of the future Northwest runway.

There is the Cafe de luxe-Tour where you get to go to the cozy Marche restaurant and have coffee and homemade cake. 
The Fire Department-Tour where the highlight is to visit the fire department to find out how the airport's firefighters work!  
Children's Birthday Tour can eat at the cozy Marche restaurant or McDonald's!  Watch the planes take off and land and take a tour...sounds fun!

We could get a massage or our hair done.  Mine will look frightful at this point too.  All flat with electricity from the back of the seat on the plane.  Remember when they use to put those nice little covers on the back of the headrest?  I always assumed they changed them every flight.  Now I don't want to think about the possibility of head lice...aaaahhhhggggg!!!

They have two casinos!  What fun!  Blow our money before we get to Italy!!  No, think not.

I hope that it is a non-smoking airport.  Ten years ago it wasn't.  It was stiflingly inside where we waited of our flight and long lines we had to go through for Customs.  We may not have that much time after all.  I was really wanting to get that Starbucks.

I also wish this is what kind of seats we were sitting on on our flight to Frankfurt.....looks divine.


Dreamer said...

YOu are so funny Ellen! thing I have to say, whatever you do, don't fall asleep if you get there during the day. We arrived to Milano around noon, were very tired but didn't slepp until it was night time, we took a sleeping pill so we would wake up until next morning and we were fine after that. It was not hard to adjust t the time change.
Love ~ AB

Ms. Moon said...

What a thoughtful airport!

Ellen said...

AnaBertha....I am bringing my sleep stuff, ear plugs and my Bucky pillow for the plane. Yes, I will take something that first night in Venice. I don't want to drag for the time we are there!

Mary....yes all the comforts that airports bring...hehehe...


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