Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A little occupied

I've been a little occupied.  Well, my Love and I have been occupied.  

We brought a new puppy into our home last week and it is almost like having a newborn without the diaper changes and breastfeeding.  Sleep deprivation was hard the first couple of nights with multiple visits for potty time on the lawn.

Yet what fun a new puppy is!  So happy and full of silly antics.  Sloppy puppy kisses and little yippy barks.  Everything new and in need of exploring.  

My Italy photos are going well with touch ups and uploading though it is slow without the extra time on my hands.  At the rate I'm going it will be weeks till I am done!  Last night we looked at E.'s photos and she asked if I would be touching up hers too.  Well, of course dear....

Some changes...I have stopped working on the blog I had about R. in high school.  I felt that at his age and place this was not right.  If he was little from birth to maybe 10 it might be okay.  As a teen I know he needs his privacy and I need to be honest.  Writing about what his day is like or some event that happens at school felt too open.  

However, I have added another blog in it's place about our pets.  I can brag about the pets and tell the dirty side of them too.  They won't care!  They'll still give me puppy licks.  This blog is called Pupparoos!

Back to work and writing!  The housecleaning can's not going anywhere. I have so much to share about our trip too!! 


Ms. Moon said...

There is nothing like a new baby.

Birdie said...

I was going to ask you the name of your new pup but I found it at your other blog. :-)
I would not worry about the housecleaning for a while. Puppies, like babies have a delightful way of making it messy and that mess doesn't matter at all.

This Magpies Nest said...

Sweet puppies! congrats.

Love that photo...those colors are luscious, you wore just the right shade to stand alongside them.

Ellen said...

Mary....I'll say...Human or animal they are all darling.

Barbara...I will try to tackle the bathrooms today. It's been have no pre-trip.

This Magpies Nest...thank you! It was interesting that I wore my most colorful top that day. I blended in quite well.

Sara Louise said...

Sweet puppy! And best of luck. I remember my dogs first few months and man oh man, it wasn't easy!


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