Saturday, January 28, 2012

I take photos in awkward ways....

Dear daughter caught me attempting to take photos of this fantastic scene in Venice but sadly my photos didn't turn out.  Darn.  At first I felt silly getting down on the ground with the gorillapod and my camera.  There were so many people walking on that lovely night behind me.   I hadn't done much with night shots and I only wished I had practiced before we came or at least taken more while we were there.  Another time.....another time.

Please tell me that was not my panties showing either! 


Ms. Moon said...

Love it! And hey- better panties than plumber's crack.

Sara Louise said...

I think it's awesome! Do what you got to do to get the shot if you want, and who care is I see London, I see France, I might see somebody's underpants...


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