Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not feeling it.

For the past two weeks I just haven't had my heart in writing.  I wrote that I was wanting to write and excited as well in a previous post but that has deflated like a long old balloon with a ppppppffffffffttttt sound as it exhales it's last remaining bit of umpf.

Am I getting too much blog life and not enough of living life?  Did I get myself over my head trying to juggle 4 blogs and trying to write to all that make a comment?  Heavens I have barely the time to read other blogs anymore and I'm not fully reading them as I want to.

Is it the weather that is calling to me with it's brilliant blue skies?  The green hills that I want to walk upon?  

All of that but also I'm not sure if I am blogging like I use to.  Life has changed and my tempo has too.  Am I writing for me or for others?  Is anyone out there?  I see that I have activity and then again I sometimes see nothing.  As one who writes by blogging, feedback does encourage my writing so a lack of response discourages me.  Do I mind writing just for myself?  No....yes.

Am I saying goodbye to blogging?  Maybe.  I guess I'll just play it by ear.  

I haven't taken a decent photo in ages.  I haven't caught up on my home movies that I have struggled to archive.  I need to decide where to store all my photos and upload them to a new place which will take time.  I want to work on the family genealogy that is time consuming but a pleasure and excitement at finding where that leads to.  I want to make friends and get out with them.  I've become lazy.  I've been depressed.  I've been everywhere in my head but where I want it to be.  Where blogging use to help I feel sucked dry now.  

I need to rethink


Birdie said...

I completely hear you on this! I am sitting here catching up on reading blogs and it is a nice day outside. I should be out in it. I was thinking for taking a break.

Sara Louise said...

Sometimes you have to take a break and realize that you aren't going to get into trouble for not blogging and not reading other blogs (sometimes I feel like that myself). And when I don't blog and I get a phone call from my mother telling me that I didn't blog (I know Mom!) I have to remind her that sometimes I have to have a life! :)


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