Friday, December 14, 2012

It was quite a Wedding....

October 13, 2012.....    I've been gone for so long.   Truly I've been overwhelmed with many emotions of joy (I never knew one could have so many moments of joy and how they would each be so special and unique to my heart!).  

So here I share just a tip of the joy our family had on our dear daughters wedding day....enjoy.

I'll be back, really I will.  Now the holidays have come and a New Year just on the heels of it all.  I'm still going through photos from out Wedding week in New Hampshire and may I just say I fell in love with the scenery, his family and all their friends.  The Fall colors, the crisp (chilly!) days, even the days we had a bit of rain it was magic!  In fact that has been my overused word for our daughter and her dear hubby B. Wedding.

Magic.....  magic....  it was.


Angella said...

how wonderful. magic is the perfect word. i am happy for you. nothing like knowing your child is deeply in the throes of good magic.

the photographs are just magical, too. the expressions on all the faces here say so much about love. thank you for sharing.

Sara Louise said...

Her wedding coat is gorgeous!


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